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World History for Kids!

General History Resources

Do you think that history is boring? Think again! History is an exciting and ever-changing story that you are a part of! Everything that happened in the past affects how you live today, from the food you eat to the computer or tablet that you’re using now to read these words. Knowing history helps you to better understand the world you live in and the different cultures around the world. From the Middle Ages to now, there is so much to discover when you study history.

The Middle Ages (476-1492)

  • Viking Quest: The Viking Age of the Middle Ages lasted from 800 to 1066.
  • Daily Life in the Middle Ages: What were medieval houses like? What did people wear and eat? What did they do for fun? Read the answers to these questions and more by clicking through the links on the right side of this page.
  • Medieval Knights: What comes to mind when you imagine medieval times? Knights, of course! Boys as young as seven trained to become knights who worked for lords.
  • Medieval Musical Instruments: Musicians in the Middle Ages used many instruments that aren’t as common today. Learn about and listen to the most common ones here.
  • The Black Death: In the 1300s, Europeans’ greatest fear was catching the Black Plague, also called the Bubonic Plague.

The Renaissance (1300-1600)

  • Science and Invention: After centuries of no progress, European invention boomed during the Renaissance. Learn about a few of the most famous inventions of the time.
  • The Sistine Chapel: From 1508 to 1512, the famous painter Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It is one of the greatest pieces of art from the Middle Ages. Click and drag to see his masterpiece.
  • Exploring Shakespeare: Who hasn’t heard of William Shakespeare? Now, you can learn about the world and work of this famous playwright.
  • The Age of Exploration: In a period of the Renaissance called the Age of Exploration, kings from all over Europe sent explorers to the East and to the New World to expand trade. Find out who they were and what they wanted to find.
  • Renaissance Trivia: How much do you know about the scientists, artists, musicians, and other important characters from the Renaissance? Test your knowledge with a trivia game that you can play alone or with a friend.

The Industrial Revolution (1760-1840)

  • Important Inventions of the Industrial Revolution: Explore the inventions of the Industrial Revolution with a colorful, interactive slideshow.
  • Working at a Cotton Mill: Many people moved from the country to the city to work in factories, children among them. Unfortunately, conditions in factories were not often pleasant.
  • History of Transportation: The Industrial Revolution saw big changes in the transportation that people used, preparing for the cars we know today. This video looks at the history of transportation from the beginning of time, including the contributions of inventors in the Industrial Revolution.
  • The Great Railroad Race: In the 1860s, two railroad companies “raced” to finish a railway that would cross America. Join the race in this interactive game.
  • Energy Inventors: Could you imagine life without electricity? In the 1700s, people didn’t have electricity! During the Industrial Revolution, scientists invented many different ways to capture and use electricity.

World Cultures

  • World Religions: What do you believe? All around the world, people follow different religions. The five largest are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism.
  • International Folktales: A folktale is a popular story usually passed orally, or by speaking. A community’s folktales tell a lot about its culture.
  • What Kids Eat Around the World: What food do you usually have at the dining table? Colorful photos let you see what kids from other countries eat.
  • Say Hello to the World: There are more than 6,000 languages in the world. Learn how to greet someone and say your name in 31 of them.
  • Christmas Around the World: Christmas is a special holiday in many countries, and each country celebrates it in its own special way. Find out the unique Christmas traditions of dozens of countries.