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About Us

Time Online was created by Philip Turner and Sidney Dyer, two people with a passion for history. Philip is a retired sixth-grade social studies teacher, and Sidney is an interpreter at a living history museum. Philip and Sidney met at a conference for historical educators and worked together to create Time Online!

Our vision is to create a website that will inspire children to engage with history. We believe studying history can be a lot of fun, and we created Time Online with this philosophy in mind. We encourage kids, parents, and educators to have a look around, explore, be curious, and, of course, share your feedback! We want this site to be a place that is strengthened by your contributions.

Philip’s favorite history subjects are ancient civilizations, the medieval era, particularly outside of Europe, the Ottoman Empire, and Russian dynasties. Philip is a big fan of historical fiction! Please share your favorite books for kids: We love recommendations.

Sidney is interested in colonial American history, the Napoleonic wars, and the ancient Celts and Vikings. She loves interactive history and learning more about the way people lived in other eras, with a particular interest in food and clothing. At the living history museum, Sidney organizes volunteers and re-enactors as they dress in historically accurate clothing and demonstrate farming, cooking, crafting, and military techniques in a way that brings history to life. Sidney would love to hear about historical sites near you. She believes we can connect to history when we visit the sites of important events and see real objects and activities from the past.

Have fun exploring Time Online! Our world is full of exciting and interesting stories from the past. Don’t be afraid to reach out with questions or suggestions.